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AI technology has seen large advances in recent years, and many experts expect this will continue. It is possible that we see highly capable and powerful AI systems during our lifetimes. We believe there are still fundamental questions to answer and technical challenges to address to ensure that these powerful AI systems are beneficial, rather than harmful to humanity.

AI Safety Hub Edinburgh (AISHED) is a community of people interested in ensuring that the development of artificial intelligence benefits humanity’s long-term future. We are based in Edinburgh, but act as a hub for surrounding areas. Our main goals include:


Get in touch via email at [email protected], or message an organiser on Discord.

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Our primary channel is our Discord Server. You can also sign up to our mailing list to keep up to date with events. Feel free to come along to one of our advertised events to meet us in person.

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We run a range of events. See our calendar, and descriptions of various events below.

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Discussion Group

We run a weekly discussion group, discussing a different aspect of AI safety every week. These meetings take place on Tuesday evenings at 19:00 in 50 George Square, room 2.30.

Past Events

We often record our speaker events. Links to past events are found below:

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Fazl Barez

Fazl recieved his PhD in AI. Fazl is passionate about making AI safe and beneficial to humanity.

Elliot Fosong

Elliot is a PhD student in AI. Elliot is currently researching multiagent reinforcement learning.